Lokomotiv Moscow reedits National glory

The Muscovite bent FC Krystal in the Russian National League Superfinal to seize the cup for the third consecutive year.

Lokomotiv Moscow reedited their Russian National Champions honour this last Sunday, in the final of the Russian National League Superfinal held in Saint Petersburg. The Muscovite bent hosts Krystal (5-3) to seize the cup for the third consecutive season. After a 2-0 run in the first period, pushed forward with the 3-0 during the second 12 minutes, the Leonov steered side would never lose the control of the game, and despite the 2-3 run in the last period, the cup was already at their hands.

Despite an unbalanced regular stages during the previous weeks in  the league, Lokomotiv performed terrifically in Saint Petersburg, clinching all the points at stake to clinch the cup, leaving Krystal (who had been topping the table before the Superfinal) with the silver, and Strogino in the third place. These two sides had to be contented with some of their players grasping individual awards, with Datinho (FC Krystal) being named MVP, and Ippolitov being considered the best goalkeeper in the competition. In turn, André (FC IBS Saint Petersburg) was the tournament’s top scorer.

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